NC Terms Mufti’s Utterings As sign Of Frustration

KL Report


Strongly reacting to Mufti Mohammed Sayeed’s remarks over the conduct of polls in Jammu and Kashmir, a National Conference spokesperson on Friday termed these as signs of frustration and admission in anticipation of imminent debacle of Peoples Democratic Party in 2014 elections to the Legislative Assembly.

“PDP’s realization of defeat is not unfounded or misconstrued, as it is destined to get dismantled from the political scene due to its inherent contradictions, deceit and credibility deficit”, the spokesman added.

The spokesperson pointed out the contradictions in Mufti’s utterances, saying his party feels reconciled while getting a few seats by default and cries hoarse when facing defeat at the hands of sagacious people of the State. He said it did not behoove well for Mufti Sayeed to talk about democracy when he does not know the basics of the concept. “Has he forgotten his behind the curtain in destabilizing democratically elected governments in 1984 and 1987”, he said adding that lust for power made him stoop low to the extent of disgrace by remaining leeched to power despite being third in terms of numeric in 2002 elections.

“National Conference, on the contrary, preferred to sit in Opposition despite being the single largest party in the State”, he said and reminded the PDP of the forces that helped them in establishing foothold against the wishes of the people. He also reminded Mufti Sayeed of his so-called public base which made him to get elected from R S Pura instead of his home district. “This is because the people knew his murkier politics and element of deceit”, the spokesman maintained.

“Deceit, hypocrisy and double speak is hallmark of PDP which believes and derives its political sustenance from the forces other than the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” the spokesman said while cautioning the party not to insult the people’s judgment. He asked the PDP leadership to have faith in people rather than residuary forces and hidden elements. He said that PDP owes an explanation to the people of Jammu and Kashmir about the funding it got for jumping into the electoral fray in after initial hiccups.

Advising the power hungry PDP to learn respecting the popular mandate, the spokesperson observed that political maneuvering and manipulations may work at times but not all the times. He asked the PDP leadership to give up divisive tactics and work for the betterment and well being of the people in true democratic spirit. The negative politics being pursued by the parties like PDP have brought innumerable miseries to the people, who have been yearning for peace and tranquility. He referred to the misfortune brought by the PDP leaders in different guises and after wearing various jargons and said the brutal killings perpetrated in nineties still stand testimony to their love for the people.

Referring to the latest gimmicks of PDP leadership in hoodwinking public opinion over law and order front, the spokesman asked them to shun the ostrich syndrome and see for themselves the era of peace dawning in Kashmir notwithstanding their machinations to incite passions.

Elaborating over Mufti Sayeed’s latest gimmicks about institutional functioning in the State, the spokesman said that Jammu and Kashmir has traversed a long way in strengthening democratic institutions, empowering these, ensuring transparency after introducing revolutionary Right to Information Act and Public Utility Guarantee Scheme. “These people friendly initiatives and the situation on the ground has unnerved the PDP”, the spokesman said adding that after seeing writing on the wall, the party has been scratching poles like embarrassed cat.

“Had PDP been sincere in solving the problems of the people, it would not have boycotted the recent budget session and negated the trust reposed by the people in them”, the spokesman said and added that populist slogans alone cannot satiate the urges and aspiration of the people.


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