Sajjad Questions ‘Inaction’ Of CM Against Taj, Sharma

KL Report


Launching a scathing attack on Chief Minister Omar Abdullah for his alleged inaction against PHE Minister Sham Lal Sharma and Medical Education Minister, Taj Mohiuddin, Peoples Conference Chairman Sajjad Lone has accused the CM of disregarding issues of governance, propriety and transparency.

“The non-serious manner in which the accusations made between Mr. Taj Mohuiddin and Mr. Sham Lal Sharma are being treated depict the utter disregard that the Chief Minister has towards issues of governance, propriety and transparency.

A Cabinet Minister who has access to government records and files has made serious accusations of impropriety and corruption against another Cabinet Minister, who in turn has made counter-accusations of an equally serious nature against his Cabinet colleague. These accusations it appears are being made on the basis of certain records and revelations that the respective Cabinet Ministers have access to. What then stops the Chief Minister from probing these accusations in a transparent and objective manner? “, Sajjad Lone said in a statement to KNS.

He alleged that corruption and misappropriation as well as the misuse of power and position have been mainstays of successive governments in the State.  “However, there has been a conspicuous disregard shown in the manner in which these accusations have been left uninvestigated. The contempt of the Chief Minister can be gauged by his attitude that allows such accusations to die down without any probes. The buck stops with the Chief Minister and he heads the Cabinet – it is his duty to provide answers”, he said.

He called the ‘silence’ of the Chief Minister as insulting and utterly contemptuous. “Be it the matter of fake drugs in hospitals or the accusations of gross misappropriation and corruption in the PHE Department – these are serious accusations with far-reaching consequences for this State and its people. The people are least concerned about the political facets of these accusations or the rivalry that is fueling them – they are concerned about the impact this State of governance will have on their lives”, he added.

“It seems that the Congress leaders in the State have started to emulate from the goings-on in the rest of the country and have decided to partake in shocking, flamboyant scams in their respective ministries and departments in J&K. The Chief Minister it seems has given them an open playing field to participate in the loot and plunder of the State’s resources and wealth just as long as his tenure is unaffected. This sorry state of affairs is unacceptable and Peoples’ Conference demands that independent, judicial probes be held to ascertain all these accusations and the results be made public in a time-bound manner”, the PC Chairman lamented.


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