Counter Farooq’s bombs & bullets threat with ballot: PDP’s Karra to voters

KL Report


Accusing National Conference leaders of trying to trigger another gory phase of death and destruction in Kashmir in a desperate bid to remain clinched to power, senior PDP leader and former Finance Minister Tariq Hameed Karra Sunday said the menacing statements being dished out by NC leaders makes it amply clear that the party has developed a vested interest in conflict and uncertainty for its survival.

According to a party statement, addressing a road show in Hazratbal assembly segment of Central Kashmir Lok Sabha constituency, Karra said NC President Dr Farooq Abdullah’s threat to blow off PDP leaders with bombs and bullets, is indicative of the party’s savage mindset. “While Dr Abdullah intends to wipe us off with bullets and bombs, PDP’s only strength is the people who I am sure will stamp-out this vicious mindset on April 30 through ballot,” he said.

Karra, who is the PDP candidate for Central Kashmir Lok Sabha constituency and is fighting this election against NC president Dr Farooq Abdullah, said having sown the seeds of ravage and blood-letting with the massive rigging of 1987 state assembly elections, NC leaders now want to keep the pot boiling as it suits their political interests and power ambitions. “I am sure the emancipated Kashmiris won’t now allow NC to continue with its bloodthirsty politics as it is the common people who have suffered immensely because of the intrigues of this party,” he said.

Urging the youth to spearhead the movement for change, Karra Sunday said the state’s young population has been the biggest victim of the tyrannical policies of the present government as they are being subjected to collective punishment.

“Besides getting victimized collectively by the repressive policies of the present government, the state’s youth are being subjected to economic subjugation by depriving them the opportunities of employment and other income-generating avenues,” Karra said and added that a culture of waywardness and drug abuse is being promoted among the youth under a clandestine plan to incapacitate them.

He said by corrupting various institutions including BOPEE and recruiting agencies, the present government is pushing the youth towards a perpetual state of despair and uncertainty. “After pushing the youth into despondency, NC then exploits them for short-term political gains,” he said and added that as a part of its well-designed ploy to impose economic subjugation on the people, the present regime is operationalizing all the devious means to push Kashmiris into perpetual political enslavement.

“I challenge the functionaries of this government to show a single project of significance that they have pioneered and accomplished during their tenure,” he said and added the people are fed up with the insensitivity of this self-centred regime and would respond appropriately to this feeling of utter neglect through ballot.


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