Court Extends Detention Of Khurram Parvez, Two Others By Further 50 Days

SRINAGAR: A Delhi Court has extended the detention period of human rights activist Khurram Parvez and two others namely Muneer Ahmad Kataria and Arshid Ahmad Tonch to further 50 days for the purpose of conducting an investigation in an alleged funding case.

Special NIA Judge Parveen Singh of the Patiala House Courts allowed the application moved by the National Investigating Agency under proviso (i) of Section 43D (2) (b) of UAPA seeking extension of investigation the period, reported

Under the said proviso, it is stated that if it is not possible to complete the investigation within the period of ninety days, the Court may if it is satisfied with the report of the Public Prosecutor indicating the progress of the investigation and the specific reasons for the detention of the accused beyond the said period of ninety days, extend the said period up to one hundred and eighty days.

The detention of the accused persons namely, Muneer Ahmad Kataria, Arshid Ahmad Tonch and Khurram Parvez for the purpose of investigation, has been extended for a further period of 50 days with effect from March 25, 2022.

While Parvez was arrested on November 22, 2022 last year, Muneer Ahmad and Arshid Ahmad were arrested on November 16 and November 18 respectively.

The Court took note of the fact that while the last extension was granted by the court vide order dated February 10, 2022, there had been a new development since the passing of that order.

The Court noted that on February 18, accused Arvind Digvijay Singh Negi was arrested in the matter and that the report submitted by the PP revealed that his arrest was pursuant to the discovery of certain new facts. Therefore, according to NIA, some new angles were required to be investigated.

“The case diary reveals that almost everyday, CIO is working on this case. However, due to this new scenario and the fact that data of more than 40 devices has not been received from CERT-In certainly ties the hand of CIO and has precluded him from completing the investigation within the given period and this then becomes a compelling reason,” the order states.

It is the prosecution’s case that Pakistan based militant organization Lashkar E-Taiba (LeT), had established a widespread network of operatives or over ground workers for providing support in planning and execution of its militant activities in various parts of India.

It was alleged that accused Muneer Ahmad, Arshid Ahmad and Jaffar had been running a network of overground workers of LeT and recruited persons across various States in India. In pursuance to conspiracy, the accused were allegedly in contact with their foreign-based handlers and upon their directions were engaged in gathering intelligence on vital installations, security forces as well as identification of target locations for the launching of militant attacks.

It has further been alleged that during the investigation, searches were conducted at various places across Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Jammu & Kashmir and West Bengal and incriminating documents and objects were seized and arrests were made.

It is the NIA’s case that during the course of the investigation, it was disclosed that accused Muneer Ahmad and Arshid Ahmad Tonch had received money from various individuals in West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Telangana and Karnataka.

It was further submitted that during the investigation, it was revealed that a large number of fictitious bank accounts in the name of different individuals were being maintained, reported.

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