Court Summons Naib Tehsildar

KL Report


A Court in Central Kashmir district of Budgam has summoned Naib Tehsildar Soibugh for demolishing part of a boundary wall of a property in case of a sub-judice matter, sources said.

Sub-judge Budgam has summoned the Naid Tehsildar  Soibugh, Abdul Majid Dar for demolishing boundary wall of a property in Chatbugh village as locals had alleged that one Abdul Ahad Dar had encroached an irrigational canal, they added.

However, the matter was sub-judice and Dar has produced documents before the court in which he had purchased 19 maralas of land under survey number 308 min with Khewat number 7 alongwith two story residential house in 2002.
Three days ago Naid Tehsildar  Soibugh accompanied by a demolition team demolished part of boundary wall despite the court orders of status quo be maintained on the property, the sources claimed.

Court in its order on 30-03-2013 had ordered that the interested parties should not cause any interference in the property till objections are filed and considered by the court, they added.


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