Covid-19: Soz Pleads Prime Minister To Accept Pakistan’s Edhi Foundation Offer

SRINAGAR: Congress leader and former union minister, Prof Saif ud Din Soz has requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to accept Pakistan’s Edhi Foundation’s offer and permit them to get into India. He said the Foundation is purely humanitarian and not political.

Narendra Modi

“It is heartening to know that Pakistan’s famous Edhi Foundation’s Chairman Faisal Edhi has sought permission from Prime Minister Modi to enter India himself with his team of 50 volunteers with ambulances and paramedical staff to offer relief and render assistance for fighting the menace of Coronavirus,” Soz said in a statement. “Faisal Edhi has explained that he would lead the volunteers himself and all supplies in respect of food and other requirements would be available with him and his team. He has also explained in the letter that the only facility needed is that he should be permitted to enter and provide relief to the people.”

Insisting the permission may be granted, Soz has said that “nobody would misunderstand Faisal Edhi in India” as he has no interest in politics. “I urge Prime Minister Narendra Modi to accept the humanitarian relief offered by Edhi Foundation of Pakistan as this offer of relief has nothing to do with the Government of Pakistan or any kind of politics,” the statement said.


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