Covid19: New Variant Less Lethal, Spreads Fast, Health Experts Tell CS

SRINAGAR: As the new variants trigger sort of panic globally, the local healthcare managers and administrators in Jammu and Kashmir assure Chief Secretary that they are ready to manage any situation.

At the entrance of the Shalimar Garden in Srinagar outskirts, the health staff on August 26, 2021, is testing a visitor for Covid19. Visitors planning entry into the Mughal garden is subjected to proof that the person is inoculated against the Covid19 or has to undergo a Covid19 test. This is aimed at preventing mass morbidity in anticipation of the third-wave fears. KL Image: Bilal Bahadur

Dr Arun Mehta enjoined upon all health experts to take pre-emptive measures so that the administration is fully prepared to meet any contingency. He asked them to activate all the Covid testing facilities so that any person desiring to test finds the facility nearby. He impressed upon them to create ample awareness among the public so that no unnecessary scare is created among them.

The Chief Secretary also emphasized on assessing all the facilities afresh so that their operational readiness is checked. He asked them to take stock of medicines and other paraphernalia beforehand so that people are served better if the need arises. He asked the department to give booster doses to vulnerable groups like the elderly. He also directed them for encouraging people to observe the Covid appropriate behaviour for the safety of one and all.

The Secretary of Health informed the meeting that currently there is no bed occupancy related to covid in the health facilities of Jammu and Kashmir. He made out that the testing capacity has been augmented by many folds. The new three COBAS 6800 machines are also being procured for enhancing the facilities further, he added.

It was also revealed that every sample of a positive person is sent for its genome analysis as per the national guidelines. It was apprised that the genome sequencing labs at both the cities of Jammu and Srinagar are being established shortly for better monitoring and evaluation here.

The international travellers are also being monitored and tested randomly besides observing the advisories issued by the Health Ministry, AIIMS and Indian Medical Association, as was divulged in the meeting.

Moreover, the health experts also gave their suggestions regarding the current scenario and preparedness. They revealed that the virus is not so lethal this time although the spread may be faster. They advised people to only take precautions so that they keep themselves safe as well as others.

It was revealed that Jammu and Kashmir has around 20000 isolation beds available including 717 ICUs, 1320 Ventilators and 5468 oxygen-supported beds. It has the capacity to generate 1,14,366 LPM of oxygen from its 154 plants. The UT also has 4 CBNAAT, and 15 TRUENAT labs in its hospitals to generate tests more accurately and quickly, the meeting was informed.


The meeting was attended by the Divisional Commissioners; Secretary, Health; Director SKIMS; Principals of Medical Colleges and Heads of Medicine and other experts from the Medical Colleges.



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