CPI calls for President’s Rule in J&K

KL Desk


Communist Party of India leader Atul Anjan on Friday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of creating political instability in Jammu and Kashmir where a government is yet to be formed post assembly elections 2014 and demanded that President’s rule should be imposed in the state taking note of the ongoing ceasefire violations, media reports said.

“Narendra Modi has created political instability in Jammu and Kashmir at the time when bullets are being fired at our borders,” he was quoted as having said adding, “Prime Minister Modi had said in his speech during election campaign in Jammu and Kashmir that they want to free the state from the ‘father-son’ and ‘father daughter’ politics. Now they are saying that they have all the options open and thinking of forming a government with PDP.”

Pertinently, after December 23 assembly election results, no pro-India party, so far, claimed to form the new government in Jammu and Kashmir as the verdict was fractured. In the house of 87 seats, PDP got 28, BJP 25 while NC and Congress secured 15 and 12, respectively.

Though the PDP and BJP met Governor N N Vohra to discuss government formation but both the parties have sought more time.

“At this hour when our soldiers are dying on the border, president’s rule should be imposed in the state,” Anjan added.


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