Not Concerned Which Party Comes to Power: HCJK

KL Report


A day before when Hurriyat Conference Jammu Kashmir Chairperson Shabir Shah said that Mufti Sayeed, PDP patron, was not voted by Kashmiris to ‘tie-up’ with Sangh Parivar, spokesperson of the Hurriyat amalgam, while clarifying the said statement Friday afternoon said, “we want to make it clear that we are not concerned as to who will make government”.

“We want to make it clear that whoever sits on ruling chair be it Mufti Muhammad Sayeed, Omar Abdullah or others, they are the different faces of the same coin and we have nothing to do with their so-called government formation,” the spokesperson said claiming, “some sections had misrepresented our statement.”

He said “all pro-India parties are responsible for killing of innocent people of Kashmir and their hands are smeared with the blood of our youth”.

“They neither are the well wishers of people nor do they hold any positive stand or role with regards to Kashmir issue,” the statement said.

“During the recently concluded so-called election drama which was conducted under the shadow of gun, we had clearly put our position of boycotting the polls and those who participated are nothing but agents of New Delhi,” the HCJK spokesperson said.

He said though “all pro-India parties are exhibitting stubborn policy with regards to Kashmir issue, the BJP has much more wicked plans” in this regard.

“They have serious anti-Muslim agenda and want to fulfill those plans by coming to power,” he said, adding, “We had urged people not to support any of these parties during elections. For us all these parties are same and there is not an iota of difference between them.”


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