Creation of new Administrative Units, a vote garnering exercise: Sajad Lone


KL Report


The Chairman Peoples Conference Sajad Gani Lone Sunday lamented the traditional politicking in the creation of new administrative units in the state.

The statement issued to KNS maintained that exhibition of utmost urgency and waking up of a government which has been in deep slumber in the last five years to hastily create new administrative units bears the unmistakable, fatal signature of the National Conference. “They have a history of eroding institutions and converting every administrative activity into a vote garnering exercise. It is the national conference which in the process of delimitation of Assembly constituencies mixed and matched patches and created constituencies based on vote banks rather than practical ground realities.”

The statement reads further that squabbling between the alliance partners is the most unambiguous indication that yet again the National Conference is out to erode the essence of creation of new administrative units.

According to the PC spokesman, Lone stated that had the carving out of new units been on the basis of merit and ground realities, there would have been no reason to pit people of one area against the people of other area. The NC leaders are actually going on the ground and inciting people of one region against the people of another region. The idea is to create vote banks rather than administrative units. The other important objective for the NC is to fragment and scatter the concept of a monolithic Kashmiri identity. They want to divide and sub divide the Kashmiris so that Kashmiris identify themselves not as Kashmiris but as citizens of Tehsil or block. “This erosion of the larger Kashmiri identity is a part of a larger game plan aimed at weakening the political sentiment in Kashmir.”

The statement maintained further that the PDP left no stone unturned in their era to erode the monolithic identity and divide people on the basis of regions and facilitate creation of multiple identities within the larger Kashmiri identity. Being different sides of the same coin the underlying political philosophy and ideology of both these Delhi mentored parties is the same, the difference lying only in their respective means and competition for power. The people need to understand that they are indulging in typical divide and rule in its most trivial and petty form. The Kashmiri nation needs to introspect and answer whether these wounds being inflicted on us are partly self-inflicted. It is our vote which powers them up to be in a position to scatter and fragment us for their petty lust for power. This nation desperately needs a change and the power to change resides in the dynamism of the people and their will and resilience to bring in a change.


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