‘Cross dressed’ man caught at Zero Bridge is not a braid chopper: Police


A couple of photographs and a brief video that are being circulated on the social websites and whatsapp about a “braid chopper” are incorrect, police said. The man is with the police and his family is on way to take him home.

“His name is Shehzad and he is son of Nazir Ahmad Bhat, a resident of Lalan near Dyalgam in Anantnag,” a senior police officer said. “His brother is on way to take him home.”

The officer said this man is 10+2 but has remained “different” for most of his life. He is a cross dresser and his family says he has become a Darvesh after the blessings of Badasgami sahib. “He is slightly mentally unwell,” the police said. “But he never forgets to visit the shrine of Mukhdoom Sahab for Thursday and Friday,” the officer quoted Shahzad saying, he has been a student of Vesu Higher Secondary School.

Shehzad is one of the six brothers whose father is bed ridden for last nine years after he fell down from a walnut tree. “They have just one brother, a teacher who is supporting the family,” the officer who has verified the clams made by Shehzad said.


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