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The much hyped cross LoC trade is on a steep decline with most traders losing confidence and wealth in the barter system of the trade.

Local news agency KNS while quoting sources reported that in 2008 for the across border trade had 400 traders were involved in cross LoC trade in 2008 and the number has come down to mere 30 now.

“Trade across the border was initiated in 2008 as a confidence building measure. It is on verge of closure as the number of traders has declined from 400 to 30”, sources said.

General Secretary Joint Chamber of Cross Loc Trade, Hilal Turki said that in 2008 various traders applied for the loan and indulged in the across trade and the number of traders had exceeded to 600.

“Authorities in India and Pakistan are eagerly waiting to see the cross border trade dying that is why they’re not serious about the banking , communication and other required facilities for the trade”, alleges Turki.


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