Cross-LoC trade suspended by BJP govt for electoral gains: Monga


Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) Vice President and former MLC G N Monga today said that BJP-led Central Government’s decision to suspend cross-LoC trade was taken by the saffron party for electoral gains.

“Like most of the unpopular decision taken by the BJP in recent times, the suspension of cross-LoC trade too was taken in haste for electoral gains. The BJP is feeling that the ground is slipping under its feet and now they are desperately looking at further polarising the Lok Sabha polls,” he said in a statement issued to press here.

“But the people of Jammu and Kashmir and rest of the country are aware of the BJP’s game plan and will oust them from the power by May 23,” the Congress leader said.

Such decisions, Monga said, further alienate people which is unfortunate. “Cross-LoC trade was one of the biggest CBMs between India and Pakistan in recent years and the BJP is reversing all the CBMs for petty politics.

“If there were any problems in the trade, the government is to be blamed for that. It should have evolved a mechanism to make the trade fair and transparent instead of closing it down,” he added.


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