CRPF to use drones in J&K for counter insurgency operations



For anti-militancy operations in the Jammu and Kashmir, the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) has decided to use drones, which will carry out reconnaissance in built-up areas to locate militants.

“During operations, militants hide in built-up areas and start firing on forces. To identify the source of fire, drones would be used,” IANS quoted a senior IPS officer as having said. The drones would also assist the forces in “close-range missions”, the officer added.

The captured data of the site would help make on-the-spot strategy and pin-point the the holed-up militants location. The drones would be under CRPFs command in Rambagh in Srinagar.

The CRPF, headed by IPS officer A.P. Maheshwari, is procuring 20 drones with speed up to 72 km per hour and minimum flight time of 31 minutes with 28 mm focal point. It also plans to procure drones from India-based companies promoting ”Make in India” campaign.

The drones should be foldable, portable and omni directional, which is six directions, the officer said. “We are looking for foldable drones as it can be carried in a bag and deployed quickly and easily,” IANS quoted the officer as having said.

In 2019, the Army too planned to procure load-ferrying drones, slow moving unmanned aerial vehicle doubling up as missiles at the high altitude border areas. The decision was taken after heightened threats at borders with Pakistan.

The Army Design Bureau, facilitator for research development and initiator of procurements of weapons and other defence equipment required by the Army, had brought all the stakeholders at the Manekshaw Centre in Delhi Cantonment to display various kinds of drones, IANS reported.


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