A view of Gulmarg after fresh snowfall. (KL Image: Bilal Bahadur)
A view of Gulmarg after fresh snowfall. (KL Image: Bilal Bahadur)

By Shuja Ashraf

It’s been million years burning this way, inside the core

The buried trees turned into diamonds and some into coal;

Still the selfish creature living in me is busy turning me upside down, to see what I’ m hiding – above and below

Spreading concrete instead of love

And see all those meadows lay lifelessly low;

How long can I bare this pain?

So my anger evaporated and see it started to rain;

I cry so hard and moan aloud

You think it’s just a thundering cloud

Its hurts to see how you destroyed all my beloved;

The tears I shed away in pain

Even they don’t rest like you in vain;

It flows to make rivers, oceans and sea

To bestow you with another tree for free;

Still you went on, continuing your dirty sin

Until you depleted my ozone layer and unveiled my bare skin;

Flowers fell, rivers dried

I will save them, so I tried and tried;

Seeing my green fields left rotten

I was shaken, so everything became cold and frozen;

I warned you with flood and earthquakes

You still are busy in polluting my lakes;

Though now I am dying away so slow

Still you are expecting it will soon snow;

It’s not too late to save me, so do a little try

Don’t close your eyes, the moment you will see me cry!

Shuja Ashraf
Shuja Ashraf

Shuja Ashraf is a student at The Business School, University of Kashmir.

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