Cursing Nehru will not help Delhi, Er Rasheed says

SRINAGAR: Reacting to Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s claim that no power can stop resolution of Kashmir dispute, independent lawmaker Er Rasheed has said that Kashmiris would be most happy if Delhi transforms her claims into reality, a statement issued here said.

“People of J&K have suffered worst in absence of resolution to the dispute and if NDA government truly realises necessity of finding a resolution, Kashmiris will be first to welcome such efforts,” Rasheed was quoted saying his followers at Langate. “Rajnath Singh ji needs to understand that the resolution has to be found after taking all the three parties into confidence and taking into consideration the historic perspective of the issue and sentiments and aspirations of people of the state.”

Rasheed, however, reiterated that threats and peace efforts cannot go together and what so ever is happening in the state has to be seen in the proper context.

“Home Minister’s revelation that had India’s first Prime Minister Nehru given Sardar Patel a free hand, Kashmir problem would not have been there, is ample proof to conclude that Kashmiris are not to be blamed for the creation of dispute and whatsoever has been happening since 1947 is because of Delhi’s failure to fulfil Nehru’s promises,” the statement said. “Cursing Nehru will not help, but fulfilling his promises is a moral and legal responsibility of anyone who may be in power in India.”


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