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SRINAGARCutting the Halwa'.....Erroneous BOSE text books (2)

State Board of School Education has become a joke these days as the text books prepared by its Academics Section contain hilarious errors that amuse everyone who go through such stuff.

The Mathematics, Urdu and history books prescribed by BOSE for class V students of government schools are not erroneous only but confusing as well. Surprisingly, these books have been authored by those who claim to have attained doctorate degrees from different reputed Universities.

Apart from a series of errors that have crept in to several of the textbooks, experts and observers have also highlighted the poor quality of information in the books.

Text book of Mathematics for class V titled ‘MerryMath-V’ prepared by a ‘renowned’ academician carries a funny and amusing subject ‘Cutting the Halwa’ on page number 49.  The information goes like this, “Javaid bought a piece of halwa for his children Nafisa and Ulfat.” Students are asked after dividing halwa into smaller pieces how many pieces will Omer get. Not only students but the teacher will also think hundred times where from this Omer came when Javaid had only two daughters.

Depicting photograph of big piece of halwa on the right side of the page, the academician has authored some funny lines like, “What part of the halwa is it?”

Page number 48 of the book is also erroneous. Students have been asked to look at the small triangles while the picture besides triangles shows some other shapes as well.

Four circles on the same page with pictures have been dived into pink and yellow color and students have been asked which part is blue in color.

“One would think that after being shamed by the public for producing error-riddled textbooks in past, the Board would learn a lesson and avoid silly errors this time. However, we were shocked to see fresh mistakes in the newly introduced class v textbooks,” a teacher told CNS.

The Urdu text books for the same class surprisingly mentions ‘Gandhiji’s’ date of birth as October 12, 1869 while little student might be aware of this fact that Gandhi was born onOctober 2. The author has also twisted the facts about the life of Gandhi and fed students with utterly wrong information.

When contacted Secretary BOSE Prof. Veena Pandita told CNS that, she will not spare anyone responsible for such blunders. “These texts books have been prepared by our Academics section and from last two months I have been asking them revise and reprint them. I assure you that the text books containing errors will be revised and reprinted and responsibility will be fixed up,” she said and added that BOSE will constitute an expert panel that will initiate stringent action against these academicians responsible for the mess.

Pertinently, for the first time the BOSE has added Jammu in its bottom line on every text book that reads, “The Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education Jammu/Srinagar.


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