Dal Khalsa appreciates countries for snubbing Trump administration


Dal Khalsa on Friday appreciated countries that had shown courage during the UN General Assembly voting on Thursday snubbing Trump administration on its unilateral decision to recognize Jerusalem as a capital of Israel.

The organization believes Trump’s proposed move was highly provocative that could have plunged the situation back in deep trouble in West Asia, said spokesman in a statement.

Party head H S Cheema and secretary for political affairs Kanwar Pal Singh hailed European Union, India, Pakistan and other countries for boldly refusing to follow the US line and sticking to the “international consensus” on Jerusalem.

They said instead of taking the initiative to bring lasting peace between Palestine and Israel, the US has unfortunately tilted towards the later. The 128 countries have shown a mirror to the US for its hypocrisy. It’s a time for the world “policeman” to do introspection and play a balanced role.

“Surprisingly, New Delhi has joined the comity of nations to oppose the US move despite the present dispensation under Modi having very close ties with Tel Aviv. We feel ‘better sense has prevailed’ and New Delhi has taken a right stand by voting in favour of the resolution rejecting Trump’s move.”

They said Palestine freedom struggle has always been inspiring for the ‘peoples’ who aspire to become independent in their respective regions. “India needs to learn from world developments and should recognize and respect the “right to self-determination” of the struggling people including Kashmiris, Sikhs.”


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