Dal Khalsa Comes to Kashmiri Sikh’s Rescue



Dal Khalsa members with Daljit Singh.
Dal Khalsa members with Daljit Singh.

Daljit Singh, a Kashmiri Sikh teacher who suffered serious face injuries during a ReT protest in Srinagar last week got a relief after a Sikh philanthropist body Khalsa Aid contacted his family for immediate assistance.

“We have taken Daljit Singh to a hospital in Delhi for specialist treatment,” said Amarpreet Singh, MD, Khalsa Aid India. “Khalsa Aid is paying for all the treatment as well as temporary accommodation of his family nearby to the hospital.”

Daljit Singh is our priority at this moment, he said. “We are doing all we can to get the best possible medical treatment for him. We are not playing politics, for us it’s a humanitarian matter.”

Notably, police was initially blamed for causing injuries to Daljit Singh. But police turned down the allegations saying that Singh got injured in a panic run.

Since 1999, Khalsa Aid has provided relief to many people suffering from earthquakes, Tsunami etc. “The unpaid volunteers have helped to make Khalsa Aid a global relief agency,” Ravinder Singh Sidhu, Chairman/Founder, Khalsa Aid.


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