Dare PDP to say: ‘Will Never Join Hands with BJP’, Challenges Omar

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National Conference Working President Omar Abdullah has said that National Conference would never join hands with BJP in the future come what may and dared PDP leaders to put their “hands on the Holy Quran” and say the same today in view of clear indications that PDP was going to play a role in BJP’s “Mission Kashmir”.

Omar Abdullah has said that “Dilli Hui Humari, Ab Kashmir Ki Baari” is in fact a joint-slogan of BJP and PDP and that today BJP was eyeing a few seats in Kashmir Valley by counting on two things that could go in their favour – electoral boycott in these segments and PDP’s tacit support to BJP candidates in these constituencies.

Speaking at a large public meeting at Chanapora in Amira Kadal constituency after the inspection of the State-of-the-art Sub-District Hospital Chanapora constructed at a cost of 20 crores and which will be commissioned in September, the NC Working President said that PDP was blinded by partisan bias and greed and was unable to see how the State has taken huge strides towards development and creation of public infrastructure in the last five and a half years. Omar Abdullah also dedicated a Community Centre to the people on this occasion.

“PDP is trying very hard to not only negate the enormous achievements of the last five and a half years but is also maligning and tarnishing the image of J&K and its people throughout India. They don’t see dozens of new hospitals, improved health-care facilities, roads, bridges, additional 1,500 Megawatts of power and state-of-the-art new infrastructure. While they are blinded by their destructive, partisan vision – they want you too to be blind to what has happened in the last five and a half years. Propagandists of PDP should know that National Conference believes in work as opposed to mere words and the people also believe in work and not rhetoric and rabble-rousing,” Omar Abdullah said while addressing the public gathering.

“Today when I inspected this Sub-District Hospital and after dedicating numerous new District Hospitals, Sub-District Hospitals, Primary Health Centres (PHCs) and Community Health Centres (CHCs) to the people of J&K over the last five and a half years I cannot help but remember the horrific condition of Lala Ded Maternity Hospital when we came to power. There were more cats, dogs and rats in Lala Ded than patients. I remember how I was shattered to see multiple patients sharing one single bed in our main Maternity Hospital when I visited the hospital days after becoming the Chief Minister. Today, we have completely transformed Lala Ded Hospital by spending 40 crores to upgrade the buildings, facilities and infrastructure there. Please go have a look yourself and compare this to what condition Lala Ded Hospital was during the PDP tenure. This is a reality in every single hospital in the State,” Omar Abdullah said.

Omar Abdullah said the Sub-District Hospital in Chanapora would have multiple facilities including genealogical and maternity facilities and would be a very significant public asset for the people of Chanapora and surrounding areas. Giving a list of development projects completed in Amira Kadal constituency in the last five and a half years, Omar Abdullah said that Amira Kadal had witnessed a complete transformation in public facilities and infrastructure. “Today there are around 10 new Community Centres in Amira Kadal constituency alone. While you had to face exorbitant rates from tenting companies for your marriage and condolence functions, we created these new top-class Community Centres to give you relief and ensured that your social functions are conducted with ease and dignity. An enormous up-gradation has been made in Amira Kadal in areas of drainage, water-supply, roads and bridges as well. What did PDP do in Amira Kadal apart from constructing a flimsy fly-over that gets more abuses from common people than any object of ridicule in the entire State every single day? Whenever they sent cranes and bulldozers out on the roads, they displaced your shops and left you without livelihood. On the contrary, we completed and inaugurated two State-of-the-art mega Shopping Centres even before the Jehangir-Chowk to Rambagh flyover displaced your shops. This is our commitment to you and your families and we will stand by it for all times to come”, Omar said.

“Amira Kadal constituency is a prime example of our work over the last five and a half years and how we believe in hard-work and honesty and are dedicated towards bettering your day-to-day lives. Nasir Aslam Wani has been an MLA who has left no stone unturned to work for you over the last five and a half years. He has constructed 10 new Community Centres in Amira Kadal while there wasn’t a single such facility when he became your MLA in 2008. There are numerous new roads, upgraded bridges, shopping centres, community centres and health-care facilities in Amira Kadal constituency today. Now the people of Amira Kadal have to decide whether they want to reward honesty, sweat and hard-work or reward money, manipulation and muscle-power. There are people in the ranks of our opponents who will spend money like water. That money comes from picking your pockets and duping the people of this State for decades. Take that money but don’t sell your vision and your courage to stand by the truth – as I’m certain you never will. Vote for Nasir Aslam Wani and vote for National Conference to set an example for others to follow elsewhere”, the NC Working President and Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir said.

Omar Abdullah said that PDP and some of its leaders were counting on some biased newspapers, money-power and muscle-power to defeat the democratic power of the common-man. “Today when I open some newspapers in the morning, I do so only and only to see what the latest PDP propaganda is and how these newspapers are packaging PDP’s lies on their behalf. Newspapers have become advertisement brochures for some PDP candidates and that’s not shocking. Let PDP and its candidates revel in their delusions of importance in newspapers and let them be misguided into thinking that they can either buy or browbeat the common-man into acquiescence. Come elections in November they will face a rude-awakening and realize that democratic power comes from the grassroots and the common-man’s power to choose – not from propagandist newspapers and certainly not by spending money”, Omar Abdullah said.

Omar Abdullah said that National Conference was the only party that had spoken about the political aspirations of the people of J&K while in power and that the party would continue to advocate a political resolution in line with the rights, views and aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. “PDP has shelved its ‘Self-Rule’ agenda and has disbanded its ‘Healing Touch’ slogan overnight with remarkable alacrity. While till last year every speech by every PDP leader revolved around these two terms and slogans, there isn’t a single mention of ‘Self Rule’ or ‘Healing Touch’ today. PDP has chosen a different path now and is busy appeasing BJP for political patronage and favours. They have taken a policy decision of not even talking in whispers about the political issue and come November PDP will face the fury of the people for this insult and backstabbing. While PDP exploited the tragedies and wounds of our people for political gains till now, they have today abandoned the cause of even openly acknowledging people’s political aspirations and are ready to do anything for a shot at power”, Omar Abdullah added.

Expressing displeasure at the cancellation of the Foreign Secretary level talks between India and Pakistan, Omar Abdullah said that meetings between Hurriyat leaders and Pakistani diplomats was not a new phenomenon and was harmless given how such meetings had brought about no harm on the ground in the past. “These meetings happened during the Prime Ministerial tenures of P. V. Narsimha Rao, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh. There was absolutely no reason to cancel the talks. Was the meeting between Hurriyat leaders and the Pakistani High Commissioner a bigger irritant to New Delhi than incidents of hostility between India and Pakistan on the Line of Control and International Border? We have always supported dialogue between stakeholders from J&K, New Delhi and Islamabad and appeal that the Indo-Pak talks are resumed at the earliest possible instance for the interests of not only the people of J&K but the people of India and Pakistan at large” Omar Abdullah said.


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