Dauz Ha Marie Koutru shouts Dubai Stadium

Masood Hussain

DUBAI: As the two teams are battling for the Kashmir cup, interesting things are going in the Dubai International Stadium. One of the dominating shouts of the cheering crowds is: Dauz Ha Marie Koutru – Aaz Ha Watchie Vaier.

The crowds supporting the two teams – Rajbagh Royals and the Razey Kadal Super Hero’s comprise the families of the Kashmir expats who have gathered in this international stadium to mix sports with the interaction.

While cheering for the respective teams, the crowds are using their lungpower but keeping intact the Kashmir peculiarity. Had not this piece of infrastructure been so imposing, it would look more like the run-down Bakshi Stadium, a space that knows less sports than politics. The other interesting shout from one cheering crowd is: milk, milk – diary milk. It was apparently attributed to the name Raj Bagh, the posh Srinagar locality that is considered sophisticated than the Razey Kadal. The crowd sometimes shouts: Chocolate, Chocolate.

Taunting the Rajbagh teams, a group even said: Seun Kyah Ronveh Badam Gojay – Razey Kadluk Fouj Hai Aaaw. Normlaly, this line is more political but the crowds intelligently depoliticized it and used it to charge the chanting, sorting event.

On a minor dispute when the two teams looked towards the empire, the crowds shouted: Decision – Chai Empire.

It in interesting though that Rajabgh is doing better than Razey Kadal. In their 20 overs, the Razey Kadal scored 172 with most of its wickets intact.

The event is being broadcast live on Facebook. The commentary is live in Kashmiri.

The enthusiasm that the host Kashmir expat community has shown in keeping the interest intact for three months now indicates that the initiative is gradually emerging into a major sports event that Kashmir at the focus. There are already more than 250 cricketers, mostly working in UAE, who are playing for 14 teams. The organizers of the KSL are the process of opening a window for the new cricketers back home. They will identify the talent and placing them in UAE so that the cricketing event becomes a major initiative and strengthens with every passing day.

To be part of the sports event, the organizers had invited a delegation from Kashmir that is led by Zareef A Zareef.


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