#Day31: GoI Submitted False Affidavit About Kashmir Before SC, says Bar



Kashmir High Court Bar Association Monday “praised” people of Jammu and Kashmir, “in defeating all plans and schemes of the Government of India and its stooges in the State, in suppressing and/or weakening the on-going freedom struggle of the people of Kashmir”.

In a statement the Bar Association paid, “glowing” tributes to all those who have suffered “Indian brutalities”.

It expressed its “gratitude” to the prominent writers, academics, journalists, artists, doctors, students and other civilians residing in UK and other places of the World, who have “stood behind the people of Kashmir in their fight against oppression”.

“They have condemned the Indian barbarity in Kashmir in which more than 57 civilians have lost their lives so far and more than 6000 have received injuries, out of which 370 have received pellet injuries and have been rendered partially or fully blind,” the statement said.

The Bar Association asked Government of India, “by sending the additional forces to J&K, they will not succeed in suppressing the on-going freedom movement, except that they would be remembered in history as butchers of Kashmiri people, who had no respect for human dignity and human values and despite claiming themselves to be the biggest democracy of the world, engaged themselves in the genocide of the innocent people without any respect for their rights or fear of accountability.”

The Bar Association said, “the recruitment of SPOs in all 22 districts of the State and the direction given to the hospital administration of SKIMS/SMHS and other hospitals that they should not provide any details about the civilians, injured in firing/shelling by the Government forces to the media, will take them nowhere, as these methods have been used by them in the past, but they have not succeeded in suppressing the struggle of the people, in any manner, whatsoever.”

The Bar Association said that the state government and government of India are filing “false” affidavits before the Supreme Court, indicating therein that, there is “improvement in the situation” in Kashmir.

“They are only deceiving themselves and playing fraud with the people of India, because the entire World knows, as to what is happening in Kashmir right now and the people have condemned their use of force against the people of Kashmir with vehemence,” the statement said.

The statement added, “they (the government) should also note that such kind of affidavits have also been filed by them in the past, when cases relating to abduction, rape, murder, custodial killings, fake encounters and people disappeared in custody, were being investigated by the courts and ultimately it was found that they have mislead the courts, for lust of power or for petty gains and in some cases they were penalized by the courts for making such untrue statements before the court.”

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