#Day34: ‘People Come Out Of Beds To Prevent Arrest Of Youths In Palhallan’



Pro-freedom slogans are reverberating in silent atmosphere this mid-night in North Kashmir’s Palhallan.

As sleep over took them, people were suddenly awoken by the abrupt announcements made on loud speakers about “police raids in the area”.

“People are out on roads,” a local said quickly as was asked (somebody in background) to remain alert, “it was around 12:30 AM that several (forces) vehicles entered Raipora, Tantray pora Mohallas.”

The locals said that as people sensed raids by the forces, “someone made an announcement from Masjid loud speaker asking people to come out on roads”.

“We had almost slept,” one caller from the area said, “that the deafening sounds in the dead of night woke up us again.”

Early in the day, Palhallan witnessed a “peaceful” protest rally in that day followed by clashes with forces by youths.

“People from almost every Mohalla is out on roads this time as rally of people have moved towards main chowk,” locals said, “Azaadi taranay are being played across the town.”

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