#Day43: ‘Directorate of Health Services Maintaining Dead Silence On Attack On Ambulance Driver’



Gh Mohammad Sofi, the injured Ambulance Driver
Gh Mohammad Sofi, the injured Ambulance Driver

The resident doctors of Kashmir on Saturday decried the highhandedness of forces for attacking medical care staff.

In a statement issued this forenoon, RDA president, Dr Adil Ashraf, said, “the past 6 weeks have seen some of worst crimes against civilians by Indian security forces.”

“It is highly deplorable that even the health care providers are not being spared now. Note is made of more than a dozen incidents over past weeks in general and last few days in particular, when health care providers i.e. doctors and other health care staff have either been abused, physically or thwarted from carrying out their duties by the forces,” he said.

The doctor said that they received numerous reports where doctors have been manhandled by CRPF, ambulances have been attacked with batons, hospital staff made to march while on their way to emergency duties, identity cards and curfew passes not entertained.

The statement said that recent incident where an ambulance driver carrying patients to the hospital was fired upon rendering him badly injured is an act of grotesque human rights violations and should be taken up with all judicial and political vehemence by Hospital administration, DHS Kashmir, civil society, judicial lobbies and  silent authorities.

“It is appalling and greatly demoralizing that the hospital administration and Directorate of Health services have maintained a dead silence over it for unknown reasons,” he said.

“If there is any mishap that takes place during the unrest, the hospital administration and the authorities are to be blamed directly for their unexpected silence and their failure to speak against the force being used against emergency health service providers,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, the statement added, all of the health care staff, particularly the doctors “salute” the ambulance and hospital vehicle drivers, who have been working tirelessly through the hostile conditions, putting their lives at stake for complete selfless reasons of humanity. “Their services are unprecedented and an example to everyone.”

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