#Day43: ‘Use of Force, Nocturnal Raids, Detentions Unabated in South Kashmir’

Aakash Hassan


Woman looking outside her broken window in forces action in South Kashmir. (Photo: Aakash Hassan/KL)

Forces smashed windowpanes of houses and vehicles in Islamabad’s Khrewan Malpora during nocturnal raids aimed to arrest youth, the locals said Saturday.

“Around 11 pm, we heard announcements on loudspeakers that forces had come in village,” said Farooq Ahmad of this highway village. “When people came out on streets, forces beat us and arrested some youth.”

Alleging of fake announcements, people said 12 youth were arrested and nearly one dozen were injured in Khrewan, Ganjipora, and Malpora during nocturnal raids.

Windowpane shattered window. (Photo courtesy: Sajad Dar/KL)
Windowpane shattered window. (Photo courtesy: Sajad Dar/KL)

Meanwhile, people maintained that the arrests were unprecedented as there were no protests or clashes on the previous days.

Locals Saturday staged a peaceful protest against police “highhandedness” and threatened of highway blockade if the arrested youth are not released soon.

Pertinently, there is a surge in nocturnal raids in many parts of south Kashmir.

In Dooru Shabad, people alleged night raids by forces, forcing people to come out of their house during midnight and staged protests amid slogans. After noon prayers today, a protest rally in protest to nocturnal raids faced forces action, the locals said: “Now, the RR men have been stationed inside alleys to create an atmosphere of terror in the area.”

In pic, a woman injured in forces action. (Photo: Sajad Dar/KL)
In pic, a woman injured in forces action. (Photo courtesy: Sajad Dar/KL)

In Seer Hamdan, protest rally was taken out Saturday toward army camp of 5RR situated in Seer. The protesters alleged that they were “terrorized by army” in night hours.

“After protest,” one protester said, “Army talked with some senior citizens among the protesters and assured that there will be no such acts in future from army in the area.”

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