#Day44: ‘Kashmir Happening Not Islamabad’s Creation,’ Kashmir’s Opposition Parties All Set to Brief PM Modi



Kashmir Opposition Parties led by Omar Abdullah during Delhi visit.
Kashmir Opposition Parties led by Omar Abdullah during Delhi visit. (Photo courtesy: The Hindu)

Kashmir’s opposition parties are meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday. They already had a detailed meeting with the President Pranab Mukherji on Saturday and submitted a detailed memorandum seeking political intervention and halt to hostilities towards the people.

“Kashmir is in deep crisis and we have a role to play, a role which might be small but a role it is,” Communist lawmaker Yousuf Tarigami told Kashmir Life from Delhi. “We are trying to tell the whole of India that whatever is happening in Kashmir is not the making of Pakistan.”

Tarigami said that happening in Kashmir are neither the making of Islamabad nor that of militants. “It is not Pakistan or terrorism, these are people of Kashmir who are on streets, getting bullets,” he said.

The decision to apprise the Prime Minister of the situating was taken after the delegation had a meeting with President. Sources said there were some voices which required some more time, especially Congress that needed a go-ahead from the high command. The decision was unanimously taken that Prime Minister must be apprised of the concerns of the opposition in the state.

A member of the delegation talking anonymously said that the idea is to undo the media created image that happenings in Kashmir are the creation of militants and Pakistan. Coupled with Modi’s statement comparing Kashmir with Baluchistan, Delhi’s influence in the region has got him supportive voices from Kabul and Dhaka. “This is all the more alarming,” the member said. “This could add to the crisis.”

“We will convey our express concerns to the Prime Minister that pushing the people to the war could have dangerous consequences,” the member said.

The memorandum that the opposition delegation led by Omar Abdullah submitted to the President insisted that Delhi’s failure in not acknowledging “the issue of Kashmir” as of “political nature” has worsened the situation. The delegation has sought “credible and meaningful process of political dialogue” to address the “political issue” and asserted “disappointing handling” can have “serious long term implications on peace and stability”. Warning that delay in engaging people will alienate them further, the delegation has sought immediate withdrawal of “lethal” pellet guns.

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