#Day44: In Islamabad Rally, Speakers from Different Sects Call for Unification to ‘Strengthen Resistance’

Aakash Hassan


People in Islamabad rally. (Photo: Aakash Hassan/KL)
People in Islamabad rally. (Photo: Aakash Hassan/KL)

Thousands Sunday attended Milat-e-Itihad rally in Tachlo Shamsipora area of south Kashmir’s Islamabad, thus adding to the number of such kind of programs in the rural areas.

Speakers from different sects stressed on the immediate unification among people for the resistance movement.

“We are not enemies of India,” said Jama’at-e-Islami Zila sader Gulzar Ahmad Bhat, “we are against the atrocities committed by Indian forces here.”

Terming Kashmir a political issue, Bhat said, “let UN held plebiscite here and it is up to people what will they choose.” Adding, “What is India afraid of?”

While asking people to wake up from the “drama” of mainstream parties, he said, “we once trusted on them and participated in the elections but world knows what happened. India is committing genocide in Kashmir on the pretext of democracy.”

Other speakers including Mohammad Shaban Dar from Tehreek Huriyat, Sabzar Ahmad Dar from Muslim league, Bilal Ahmad of Ahal-e-Hadis stressed on strengthening the resistance.

Meanwhile, number of kids with toy guns participated in the rally adding a different mood to the rally.

Different rallies were also held in other parts of south Kashmir including Danterand Brinty Dilgam areas of Islamabad. Thousands of people were also participated in these rallies.

In the urban pockets of Islamabad and Kulgam, situation remained calm while as there was relative relaxation in the restrictions.

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