#Day46: Current Uprising Against Mainstream Political System As A Whole, says PDP



The ruling coalition partner, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Tuesday asked its opposition to “understand the painful situation in the valley”.

“Treat it with the respect and depth that it deserves,” PDP’s chief spokesperson Dr Mehboob Beg said in a statement issued this afternoon.

The PDP appealed all the unionist opposition parties and leaders to “send-out a clear message, that they, as sons of the soil, were equally pained at the prevailing situation and shared the grief of the people”.

Dr Beg termed the current uprising as a movement not particularly aimed at any one political party. “The same was against the mainstream political system as a whole,” he said adding, “the mainstream parties must not be seen to do anything that will add to the existing ‘trust deficit’ and must look to bridge the gap.”

“If any mainstream political party feels that it has a credible ‘over-night’ solution to the prevailing situation, let it come-out with its plan and the Mehbooba Mufti led PDP will not stand in their way. Merely resorting to political rhetoric will not help and shows a lack of respect for the current situation,” Dr Beg said.

He also said, “the PDP which was built brick by brick by Mehbooba Mufti under the brilliant vision and guidance of Mufti Sahab was not a party driven by ‘power politics’.”

“All the political parties and leaders in the valley must behave with the utmost sensitivity and respect while dealing with the present situation, besides urging upon the Government of India to address the political aspirations of the people of Kashmir, in a time bound manner to prevent further alienation,” concluded Dr Beg.

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