#Day47: KCSDS says, ‘Gen Hooda Snubbed As Schools Occupied By BSF’



A civil society group based in Kashmir on Wednesday expressed grave concern over the militarization of schools with “dreaded” BSF as a response to popular uprising.

“Rajnath Singh, the home minister of India prefaced his visit to Kashmir with the occupation of schools and vital installations with BSF. One wonders whom is he befooling with the open invitation for talks? This is meant to trivialise our popular struggle and insult Kashmiris by showing where they sand in the estimation of Indian government as citizens of the state,” a statement issued by KCSDS said this evening.

“Bringing in BSF is a snub and a crude response to the Army General Hooda who acknowledged the grim situation and requested Hurriyat (Conference) and other civil actors to help in ending the strike. He said that all the parties have to put their heads together to resolve the political issue. Instead of listening to him and respecting his perspective from ground zero, the arrogant and belligerent government relegated him to the background by bringing in BSF to come down heavily on the protesters,” the statement said.

“The conclusion is not far to find. Indians hold army in high esteem only when they kill Kashmiris, but once humanity downs upon it by realising that past especially 26 years (of) military repression has not subdued Kashmiris and hence it is futile to continue the blood bath to dirty their hands with more blood. The General has been snubbed and made irrelevant to the situation for acknowledging the ground reality and for pressing for a political solution,” KCSDS said adding, one the one hand education minister asked parents to send their children to schools and the same day BSF occupied the sacred space of children.”

“Global coalition to protect education from attack has already to protect schools and universities from military use during armed conflict, not to talk of using it while quelling peaceful mass uprising. GoI must understand that the army general’s perspective cannot be brushed aside. The sooner they realise the truth the better it is for resolving the issue. Using force against unarmed Kashmiris will only bring disaster and put you collective soul in agony. There is a limit to everything. You have exhausted all your military options and have utterly failed to kill Kashmiris sentiment for Azadi,” the statement added.

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