#Day51: Amid Drizzle, Lal Chowk Opens After Many Days



August 28 2016 late Lal Chowk evening.
August 28 2016 late Lal Chowk evening.

As rains lashed valley since Sunday morning and drizzle continues, Srinagar major business hub witnessed some activity this evening.

For past many days, authorities had stopped business men to resume their work in the evening on the pretext as why shopkeepers did not open shops in the day.

However, as rains forces people to stay home, similar was the case with forces. There was no curfew in major parts of Srinagar today as revealed by J&K police spokesperson this evening.

Shops opened this evening in Lal Chowk as the vehicular movement improved.

Since the mass uprising, business men in Lal Chowk mostly followed the ‘deal hours’ as declared by the unified resistance leaders, however, police broke the “new schedule”. They did not allow hops to open in the evening as asked by the resistance groups.

In the meanwhile, Border Security Forces entered Srinagar after over 11 years occupying major check points and school buildings. Round the clock curfew was imposed since 12 August which was eased with the passage of time.

Later, traders who intended to open his shop in Regal Chowk,  quoted police as having told them, “it is BSF which takes over security after 6 Pm till next morning up to 9.”

Going by the resistance calendar, there was a “deal” in shutdown from 6 PM to 6 in the morning and all the resistance/Masjid committees in all villages and localities were asked to visit each and every household and prepare a list of the needy.

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