Funeral prayers of slain Akhran youth Rasik Ahmad Bhat (photo Sajad Muniwardi
Funeral prayers of slain Akhran youth Rasik Ahmad Bhat (photo Sajad Muniwardi)

By Aakaash Hassan



The talk of this ‘brawny body’ is on the lips of his pals while the bandaged body is in the lawn of mosque in Naapora. Rasiq Ahmad Bhat, 23, succumbed on Thursday afternoon while laying in coma for 10 days in SKIMS. He had received bullet in the left eye when clashes broke after police foil a pro-freedom rally in Zungalpora Kulgam.

On what everyone is united who knew Rasiq is the “humbleness in hefty heart.”

Shahzada and Shabroza, Rasiq’s mother and sister are glaring at the “martyr” while sitting besides his body, tears hardly cease. Mohammad Yousuf Bhat, his father, is at his home sitting firm. “Thanks to almighty, I am feeling proud; I am father of brave heart, Shaheed.”

“I have only one regret; they played politics over killing of my son,” says Bhat. “While he was in hospital, they were unable to make him move an inch but they did offer me blood money to stay silent,” he says with stiff eyes. He alleged that, some top politicians and officers visited him and offered me money and job to his remaining three children.

An active PDP worker, until the current unrest, Yousuf , terms his political affiliation a “big mistake.”

“I thought our new leaders will resolve our issue and take us out from this turmoil,” Bhat said, without referring to his stint in the PDP. “But it was not so. I am realizing how big mistake has I committed.”

Rasiq had left his studies after 10th standard and was now driving tractor. “He was very hard working and was earning good for himself and his family,” says his friend in the one story house that he says, Rasiq has managed to build.

“They have killed our whole family. Tell them he was not given to protest for 500 rupees, but our breadwinner working from morning to evening,” says his sister, Shabroza amid sobs, while sitting next to Rasiq’s body.

His uncle says, “in hospital they treated us very well but when Rasiq succumbed we were allotted a broken down ambulance that took more than four hours to reach Islamabad from SKIMS. Later forces fired tear gas shells on us not letting us to enter inside town,”

For most of the day, the birth place of Chief Minister Ms Mehbooba Mufti was reverberating with Aazadi slogans as it was in a tight siege of the government forces.

His funeral was offered by thousands, who had thronged from surrounding areas walking miles together to get last glimpses of “martyr”.

As soon his first funeral was finished, clashes broke out for hours, leaving many injured.

Police in Srinagar said there were a couple of persons who were injured in the intense clashes in Akhran village. “One of them was slightly more serious and was referred to Srinagar,” a senior police officer said. He had not many details to offer.


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