DDC Members Send Relatives To Meeting In South Kashmir

SRINAGAR: The maiden meeting of the District Development Council (DDC) in Anantnag today turned out to be a mockery as the DDC Chairman was not allowed to speak by the officials present during the meeting, while the relatives of several DDC members attended the meeting instead, reported Daily Excelsior.

According to report, there was no protocol, precedence being followed during the meeting and the microphone of the concerned DDC Chairman was time and again overtaken by the concerned ADDC, Anantnag during the meeting.

While the majority of the DDC members were silent throughout the meeting, several others had sent their relatives instead who spoke on behalf of the DDC members regarding issues in their concerned areas.

Quoting the members newspaper Daily Excelsior reported that the ADDC, Anantnag was calling the shots and the queries which were to be replied by the DDC Chairman were answered by the ADDC, Anantnag while the DDC Chairman kept on insisting that he would reply to the observations and queries raised by the members.

What added to the mockery that was witnessed during the meeting was that the DDC member Larnoo, Anantnag had sent her son to attend the meeting, DDC member Larkipora, Anantnag had sent the concerned Panch instead to attend the meeting, while as the BDC Chairman Achabal had sent her husband to attend the meeting.

Quoting DDC Chairman Muhammad Yousuf Gorsi newspaper Daily Excelsior reported that several members whose relatives had joined the meeting were sick and could not make it to the Council.

“We will make sure that the members themselves attend the meeting in the future and today it happened due to the COVID and will not be repeated in future,” he said.

About the issue of not letting him speak during the meeting, the DDC Chairman later told Excelsior that as the norms and protocols are new, he along with other officer are acclimatizing to it.

“Basically, the microphone near me was defunct, so we shared one single microphone instead; there was no taking over of the microphone at all; the system is all-new, we are trying to understand the working and so are those officers, the meeting went well,” Daily Excelsior quoted DDC Chairman Muhammad Yousuf Gorsi as having said.


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