Decision Of PAGD To Participate In Polls Rattled BJP, Its Ilk: NC

SRINAGAR: National Conference on Friday said the BJP, RSS in collusion with few sections of flawed bureaucracy is trying its level best to alter the working of institutions in J&K, the latest institution to be compromised and altered is the election commission.

Ever since BJP has come to power at Center, it has lived up to its credo which is to shear the country of its plural ethos and diversity, said NC’s Additional Spokesperson Sarah Hayat Shah in a statement. “Ever since BJP has come to power it has been on a rampage to bent Country’s Institutions towards their will. The BJP didn’t even hesitate to play with democracy and weaken the duly established government during the persisting COVID-19 crises. Media too has been at the receiving end, we saw how media outlets and journalists were targeted and investigative stories killed. Even the academic field wasn’t spared and universities trespassed, infiltrated, textbooks were rewritten to favor a Hindutva centric slant. The newest causality has been the democratic process of elections which too was clogged with corporate money and opaque financial practices. Unfortunately, it is the democratic process of the country, the core of India’s vibrant democracy, which is now in the pocket of BJP that would like to see it sweepingly remodelled by giving ditch to all established constitutional democratic norms,” she said.

She said that unless institutions are not preserved, their working autonomy not altered, democracy will not survive in the country. “Unfortunately the ruling Party is busy supplanting “Gujrat Model” on the country by undermining the constitution and promoting vicious right-wing populist politics, which seeks to create a monotonous nation with no space for minorities. The rescinding of J&K’s Status was also aimed to meet that end. Unfortunately, various self-seeking politicians in J&K are adding colors to the nefarious designs of BJP in their efforts to normalize the blunder. The PAGD platform headed by Party President Dr Farooq is proving a major obstacle for them to achieve their goals. The decision of PAGD to participate in polls has further rattled them to the extent that they are now playing with the normal election processes; recent mayoral election to SMC is a case in point. The gang comprising BJP and its team B is now contriving to alter DDC elections. But people won’t allow them to rummage through. People are all out for PAGD,” she added.


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