Delhi bans four of 21 listed items for LoC barter


Salamabad Cross LoC Traders Union on Monday threatened to boycott the LoC trade from March onwards if the authorities don’t revoke a ban on trading of four commonly bartered goods.

Salamabad Cross LoC Traders Union president, Hilal Turkie during a press conference at Srinagar said that instead of promoting the trade, the authorities are adding hurdles for traders.

SCLTU addressing a press conference at Srinagar

He said that despite all the odds the main stakeholders have been instrumental in the continuation of biggest ever confidence-building measures.

He said that the initiative of cross-border trade was started On October 21, 2008, trade across the line of control. the trade was allowed by the government of India and Pakistan, from the routes of Uri – Muzaffarabad and Poonch- Rawalakot.

Over the period of 9 years of trade substantial number of traders, transports and labourers have got engaged in the process of trade and increase in the trade is keeping the trade active despite some challenges with 21 items agreed to trade on both sides.

“SCLTU is dismayed by the actions of Trade facilitation officer customs and Quarantine section for a ban of four main items (pistachio, Apple, Charmagaz, and Anardana) out of 21 agreed tradable items,” resident said.

He said that the cancellation of these items has come to a shock to the Loc trading Community, such reductions of items makes trade difficult, since the trade is barter and it is important to send and receive items to clear the balance among the traders across such cancelation has reduced the trade substantially and is on verge of closure.

The Union reiterates that if the authorities will not immediately revoke the recent order, the traders will be forced to boycott the whole trade.

The Union demands that government looks into the day problem being faced by the existing traders and take measure to reduce the barriers and help in flourishing the trade.

SCLTU also demand that a dedicated authority of management of LOC trade should be established to streamline and enhance the trade, setting up a hassle-free window system for the trade, e-commerce and digitization of LOC trade so that the real-time monitoring and evaluation of this barter trade can be done, enhancement of security infrastructure including installation of CCTV cameras, full body truck scanners , X-ray machines.


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