Delhi Can’t Keep Kashmir By Force Always: Kamal

KL Report


A day after Congress spokesperson Renuka Chowdhary dismissed suggestions that it was making any compromise with national interests due to coalition compulsions in Jammu and Kashmir, ruling National Conference Additional General Secretary Dr Mustafa Kamal hit back at Congress saying Delhi can’t keep Kashmir by force always.

“One lakh people in Kashmir have died for dignity. New Delhi should understand that without restoration of autonomy situation won’t improve in J&K,” Kamal told KNS.

Saying that the reason for resurgence of militancy in Kashmir is Delhi’s stubborn approach, he said, “Till how long they (Delhi) can keep J&K with India through army.”

Terming Congress and BJP the two sides of same coin, Dr Kamal said, “Our accession with Delhi is conditional. If BJP says they will erode special status of J&K, Congress is trying to do the same.”

While reacting to Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s recent statement, Chowdhary had on Wednesday said acoalition does not sidestep national interests at any point.

However, Kamal castigates Chowdhary saying Omar’ statement is right. “Our accession with India is conditional. If we want our rights back is it playing with national interests. Whatever Omar said is right. Situation in Kashmir can take any shape if the dispute remains unresolved,” he told KNS.

Asked what forces them to remain in coalition with Congress if both parties weren’t on the same page on Kashmir, he said, “If you want thieves should come and rule Kashmir then it is ok. We are the largest party of the state and are trying to represent aspirations of people. We can’t leave this responsibility. We have to keep democracy alive. Where ever democracy dies in world, civil wars start.”


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