Delhi Court fixes new date in Shabir Shah’s case without proceedings: JKDFP  


After a time gap of about two and a half months, when the trial of the case against incarcerated Freedom Party chairman, Shabir Shah resumed yesterday the Special Court of Delhi without any proceedings informed that the Judge has been transferred to the next date of the case has been set on August 7.

Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party spokesperson said in a statement that after waiting for hours together Shabir Shah’s lawyer was informed that the new judge wants to study the case first.

“Judges either remain on leave, they are being transferred or the prosecutor remains absent, this has been the practice of Delhi Special Court ever since the so-called charge sheet was submitted by ED against Shabir Shah in an old, fabricated and already decided case.,” the spokesman said.

The spokesperson said that the latest move of the Special Delhi Court has clearly exposed the fact that political leadership of India wants to keep Shabir Shah behind bars and the judiciary is making it possible for it by delaying the trail. Otherwise, there is no reason to keep Shabir Shah in jail because nothing goes against him and the Indian government fully knows it that is why it has started using its judiciary same as it used ED first.

“The irony is that JKDFP jailed chairman, Shabir Shah is seriously ill and suffering from many ailments but since then he is not being provided with any suitable medical assistance by the Tihar jail authorities. In fact, the government of India is trying to defeat the just politics of Shabir Shah by other means after getting defeated by it,” the spokesman said.


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