Delhi Distrusts Me, Says Farooq Abdullah



Dr Farooq Abdullah.

The four times former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Farooq Abdullah Tuesday accused Delhi of distrusting him while maintaining that the trust factor was still missing as far as Kashmiris were concerned.

In an interview with a Chennai-based newspaper, The Hindu, Abdullah hurled the ball in the court of Delhi after being questioned whether he played his role well in trying to convince India to solve Kashmir conflict.

“I did a lot and I did it to the best of my ability, but Delhi did not agree with me, Delhi didn’t trust me,” he said. “The trust factor was missing right from my father’s time.”

He also raised doubts about Modi being able to win the hearts of Kashmiris. He said that there were many people in his party who were against Muslims and who were changing the preamble Indian constitution.

“On the horizon it doesn’t look that the trust factor can be retrieved, unless this party changes its stand,” he said. “Modi is not the prime minister for Hindus only, he is the prime minister for all.”

Abdullah said: “When Mr Vajpayee came back from his Lahore trip, I asked him if he discussed the Kashmir issue. He said to me, ‘I told them you keep your end, and we’ll keep ours.’ But they were not ready to accept it at that stage.”

He revealed that Pakistan today was ready to accept that with one provision that there should be autonomy here and they [Pakistan] will give the same autonomy there.

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