‘Police Demanding Bribe from Families for the Release of Youth,’ alleges Malik



Muhammad Yasin MalikJKLF chairperson Muhammad Yasin Malik Tuesday strongly condemned the on-going “oppression against young boys and children” who according to Malik are being arrested and subjected to “worst kind of torture in various police stations and interrogation centers throughout Kashmir valley”.

Condemning the nocturnal raids, arrests, tortures, excessive use of brute force, abuses and other oppressive measures unleashed by police and CRPF, Malik in a statement to CNS said, “young boys are being arrested and subjected to 3rd degree tortures, worst beatings and abuses by police in police stations and interrogation centers among whom many have been seriously injured and taken to hospitals for treatment.”

He said, “from many areas people are reporting that police after arresting innocent young boys and subjecting them to torture are asking for handsome money from their families for their release. PDP led rulers are using police as their armed wing to suppress the voices of people and from last many days hundreds of young boys and students have been booked under draconian laws and hence police is playing with their future and carriers at the behest of these callous rulers.”

Condemning the excessive use of pellet guns and tear gas/ pepper gas shelling, Malik said, “from last 15 days hundreds of young boys and children have been seriously injured by police shelling and firing and among those injured many have lost their eye sight too. This Hitler’s approach by PDP led coalition and reign of terror unleashed on peaceful people has exposed the real face of ‘battle of ideas’ and today the faces of people who by raising  sugar coated slogans tried to deceive people stand fully exposed before the people of Jammu Kashmir.”

Malik further said, “it is the same people who in opposition used to raise slogans against these kinds of killings and take out protest rallies against these but now in power these hypocrites are ordering oppression against common people and peaceful protesters and backing the criminal activities of forces and police.”

Urging international community to take a serious note of these “atrocities and gross human rights violations” in Kashmir, Malik said, “Kashmiris have been watching the criminal silence of the international community for long and if international community does not change its double faced approach, Kashmiris will lose the little faith that still is present in them.”

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