Delhi Police Holding Counselling for Kashmiri Youth Today

Zafar Aafaq



Following the attacks on Kashmiris in union capital, New Delhi, Delhi Police are holding a counselling session for youth from valley.

Notably, on January 09 late night, a Kashmiri scribe and a medical doctor were attacked by some goons injuring the doctor. Two of the attackers were later arrested when media ran the story. They have been bailed out by the court, now.

Speaking to Kashmir Life from New Delhi, SI Delhi Police Bharat Singh who is posted at Nizam Ud Di Police Post said, “Kashmiris need not to worry. They are like other citizens. We are here for their safety and security.”

Bharat Singh said, “the counselling session meant to assure Kashmiris living in union capital that they are safe and secure will start after Nimaz-i-Zuhr (Mid-Day prayers) at Nizam Ud Din Masjid.”

The cop added that Delhi Police have developed an andriod app: e-SATHI which will help people to connect police and file any complaint. “We will act on such complaints within 24 hours.”

Post Script

Speaking to Kashmir Life after interacting with the Kashmiris living in the Union capital, SI Bharat Singh said that around 150 youth from valley participated in the counselling session.

“It was a good beginning; the youth were assured that Delhi Police is always for their safety and security,” he said. “We shall be holding such sessions in future as well.”

The cop appealed Delhites to use their app: e-SATHI for immediate necessary action.


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