Delhi uses shoulders of Mufti to weaken Kashmir: Er Rashid

KL Report


MLA Langate Engineer Rashid Sunday expressed displeasure over the statement of Senior BJP leader and Union Home Minister Dr Jitendra Singh’s statement that “Why should we go to Civil Secretariat it should come to Delhi”? and termed the statement as insult to State Constitution,  Powers and Legislature and called on him to express unconditional apology on this statement .

Rashid stated -“Dr Jitendras statement signifies the mindset which wants to take away the powers of Jammu & Kashmir state Government and make the post of Chief Minister as puppet of Delhi.”

Talking about BJP’s plan to ‘weaken’ Kashmir, Rashid said “BJP wants to takes away what little is left of State powers and constitution and make the people of state hapless. Mufti Moham,ad Sayeed is on the footsteps of Omar Abdullah making all decisions at Behest of Delhi which are meant to weaken genuine causes of Kashmir.Mufti Sayeed shoulders are being used by Delhi to weaken the Kashmir interests and if he has conscience left he should ask explanation from Dr Jitendra Singh over his statement.”

“It is unfortunate the deserters and fanatic elements among Kashmiri Pandits who at behest of BJP burned State Constitution and Flag and are roaming  free with not even an FIR Registered against them.Before arresting Masrat Alam it should been priority of Home Ministry to arrest these fanatic elements elements,” he added.


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