Delhi’s policy on Kashmir will remain same, even if Modi comes to power: Geelani

KL Report


Huriyat (G) Chairman Syed Ali Geelani on Sunday said the national policy of India on Kashmir issue will remain the same even if the BJP comes to power in Delhi.

“There national policy on Kashmir will remain the same whether the congress or the BJP comes to power at Delhi. They give priority to national interest more than the human rights and the principles of justice. What can we expect from them,” Geelani told KNS, wen asked to comment on ‘Modi wave’.

Stating that the growing corruption in the state is being patronized under a plan, Geelani said that the ‘oppressed nations’ have always been suppressed through the tactics of corruption and nepotism. “After 1947, India has corrupted the officials and ministers just to serve the vested interests and history stands witness to the fact that these tactics are being tried when a nation occupies people and their land.”

Stating that if the BJP comes to power in Delhi, it would not affect Kashmir issue, Huriyat (G) Chairman echoed agreed with the Pakistan Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif that talks between India and Pakistan can only take place after forthcoming polls in India are over.

Geelani termed Dogra rule in Kashmir better that then the present dispensation saying that at least Dogra rulers would disallow the non-state subjects to permanently settle in Kashmir. “After 1947, the land grants bill was passed due to which the land here could be given on lease for 90 years. At present we see that people complain that Army is occupying their land and claim that they have taken the land on lease.”

Reacting to the BOPEE paper leakage scandal, Geelani said only one officer cannot go for the corrupt practices until he doesn’t have the political patronage and that the speculations galore that there are other key players also who are backing the corrupt officials in the state.


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