All ministers in state cabinet are ‘clean’

KL Report


Blaming Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, the former chief minister for increasing corruption in the state, Mustafa Kamal the National Conference Additional General secretary Sunday claimed that all the ministers in the present cabinet are honest and not involved in corruption of any nature.

Kamal while talking to Kashmir News Service (KNS) said: “To eradicate corruption in the state, Omar Abdullah has introduced Right to Information Act (RTI) and many big fishes are being caught only because the appropriate steps have been taken for the same and it was Mufti who made the state the most corrupt in India after Bihar.”

Commenting over the coalition and the corruption remarks, Kamal said that Omar made the statement as a general remark and that all the misters in the state cabinet at present are clean and there is no reason to worry. “When we have allegations against the ministers of corruption the charges are either baseless or substantiated.”

Commenting over the recent BOPEE paper leakage scandal, Kamal stated that the recent event must not be undermined wherein the high ranked officer has been jailed for the corruption charges.  “Some people claim that he was made as a scapegoat, let the people who claim the same prove it.”

When asked how Mushtaq peer was reinstated even after the retiring from the civil services, Kamal said that Peer was not the first man but Mufti has reinstated many corrupt people like Mehboob Iqbal who according to Kamal was involved in the Gulmarag landscape. “Mufti not only shielded the corrupt people but also gave them the senior ranks in his party.”


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