Demonetization: Kashmiri man dies in Assam, could not get burial at home

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Pall of gloom descended on Dardsun village of Kupwara when the news of death of Abdul Gani Mir reached the area.

As reported by Kashmir Monitor, Mir passed away in Assam on last Monday due to cardiac arrest. Newspaper further reports that Mir (50), was selling homemade shawls in Assam from past many years to manage his family of seven.

As per Fayaz Ahmad, Mir’s nephew, the family got a phone call on last Monday informing them about the death of their son due to a heart attack.

As the family members rushed to Assam to get the body back, his family back home tried to arrange money by contacting several people including the local politicians.

However, their efforts didn’t materialize as the money they arranged couldn’t be entirely withdrawn from the banks in Assam in wake of the crisis emerging out of the demonetization.

“We had very little amount with us but that too could not be withdrawn from the bank, we did not have enough money in hand to even transport the body to the nearby railway station. The ATMs were issuing only a maximum of Rs 2000 which was not sufficient for us,” Fayaz, who is still in Assam, had told The Kashmir Monitor over phone.

“We had asked everybody there to help us but no one came forward. The police handed over the body to us but the ambulance driver was charging us Rs 2 lakhs to bring to Kashmir. The deceased had only some Rs 1600 in his pocket,” he said.

Mir’s old mother, Shahmaal is waiting to get the last glimpse of her son. Traumatized by his sudden death, the least Shahmaal now wanted was to see her son in their ancestral grave yard at Kupwara.


However, her wish could not be fulfilled since the family was unable to manage ample money to bring the body back due to the recent demonetization move and the family says that the state government has also “ditched” them due to which they had to perform Mir’s funeral and bury him in Assam as it had been days since Mir passed away.


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