Denying proper health care to Yasin Malik sheer discrimination: Sagar


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Monday impressed on the government of India to ensure proper health care to JKLF leader Muhammad Yasin Malik on humanitarian grounds, saying that there is no justification of denying him required health care.

Party general secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar while expressing concern over the deteriorating condition of the incarcerated JKLF leader, said, “There are certain unbridgeable rights conferred upon all the citizen of India, the same should not be denied to him. Reports of his worsening situation are of grave concern.  I urge the GOI to move Yasin Malik to AIIMS or any other better health facility,” he said.

He said that if a terror accused like Pragya Thakur can be granted bail on medical grounds why Yasin Malik cannot be granted bail on the same ground. “Law will take its own course, given that his condition as per news reports is very critical. GOI should not discriminate on this issue,” adding, “If a terror accused Pragya Thakur can have bailed on health grounds and use her freedom to canvas for Lok Sabha elections, why cannot Yasin Malik have it on genuine grounds.”

He further added, “It does not behoove a democratic country like India to use discriminatory approach.”


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