Deport us to Pakistan, we would love that: Inqalabi to RSS

KL Report


Reacting to the statement of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) where they have asked the Government of India to deport all Kashmiri separatist leaders to Pakistan, Islami Mahaz Azadi patron Muhammad Azam Inqalabi while warning RSS Hindu zealots said that this organization should bear in mind that it is not 1947 but 2015 and today every Kashmiri is a separatist.

“RSS was directly responsible for the ethnic cleansing in 1947 and people of Kashmir will never forget how these people butchered more than 5 lakh muslims in Jammu. This organization thinks and believes that they can repeat 1947 but they have been living in a fools paradise and doesn’t even know that every Kashmiri loath India and want the occupational forces out from the borders of Kashmir,” he said adding that RSS backed government in Jammu and Kashmir has muzzled the voice of peaceful Kashmiri people.

Terming the statement of RSS as irresponsible and idiotic, Azam Inqalabi said that separatist would love and like it, if they will be deported to Pakistan where at least they can live and breath freely. “Every Kashmiri has a bond and affection for Pakistan. India has been choking the voice of Kashmiri people and it has occupied Kashmir on the might of gun,” he said.

He said that every Kashmiri for India is anti-Indian and for that reason they detain, torture and kill them. “Masrat Aalam led a peaceful rally and he was arrested for a thing that is common in Kashmir. Every Kashmir wave and unfurl Pakistani flag and even people here celebrate Eid on the directions of Pakistan,” he said adding that no Kashmiri is Indian by heart.

“This Kashmir is ours. The Kashmir ruled by Pakistan is ours. So who are the leaders of RSS to dictate us. Only a fraction of people are involved in militancy right now but a time will come when lakhs of youth from both parts of Kashmir will stand up and force India to vacate from our land,” he said.


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