Deported from Turkey, Srinagar man arrested in Delhi

SRINAGAR: Security agencies have arrested a Srinagar man in Delhi after Turkey flew him back. He was seeking some access to the Islamic State, newspaper Indian Express reported.

Identified as Afshan Parvaiz, he was deported from the Turkish capital of Ankara on May 25 and whisked away to an undisclosed destination by security agencies in Delhi, the newspaper quoted sources saying

“Parvaiz had left home after an argument with his father, who wanted him to join a college while the son was interested in religious studies,” the newspaper said. “They said he booked himself a seat on a flight to Teheran on March 23. He was scheduled to return to Delhi on April 9 after exploring avenues for religious studies in Europe.”

The newspaper said that Parvaiz had sent a message to his family conveying he was facing some “problems”. This input led to a probe by police. The probe located him flying Ankara where he was arrested while he was traveling in a bus, the newspaper said, adding, he was deported quickly.


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