Deputation of HRD team, CRPF speaks volumes of New Delhi’s confidence in Mehbooba: NC


National Conference on Wednesday expressed grave concern over deteriorating situation in National Institute of Technology, Srinagar, saying the State Government is duty bound to instill a sense of security and confidence among students and restore normalcy in the institution at the earliest possible instance.

In a statement issued from Party Headquarters in Srinagar, Senior Party Leaders said National Conference was concerned over the situation at NIT, Srinagar and hoped peace on the campus is restored at the earliest possible instance. “We believe the State Govt should handle the situation independently without lateral interventions by those who appear to be in the driver’s seat. Rushing in people from the HRD Ministry and deploying CRPF teams on the NIT campus speaks volumes about New Delhi’s confidence in Mehbooba Mufti”, Senior NC leaders said in the statement.

“We want calm to be restored and believe the institute should be closed for a few days so that cooler heads can prevail and the students can get back to their studies in an atmosphere of peace and amity”, the statement read.

The senior party leaders urged the political parties, whether in Government or in the opposition, to rise above their myopic political expediencies and help in restoring order in this institution which is growing as an enviable educational hub in the Kashmir Valley.

National Conference said that any attempt to turn the NIT Srinagar into a political battlefield will have serious ramifications, not only on the overall growth of the institution but also overall situation in the State.

“NIT Srinagar has to flourish in consonance with the traditional hospitality of Kashmir and become a model of tolerance and camaraderie, especially at a time when similarly placed institutions and universities across the country are becoming battleground of ideologies’, the NC said while highlighting the crucial role of the local student community in this regard.

The National Conference leaders said that Kashmir has a proud legacy of being a seat of learning from times immemorial and this spirit has to be promoted by making this national level institution an inspiring destination for students from various parts of the country and even abroad. This can become possible only when the spirit of Kashmir is invoked and nurtured, they added.

Referring to “unfortunate” incidents, the NC leaders said the autonomous management of the institute should be given adequate space to tackle all these issues through the established inbuilt mechanism. “Any outside intervention will jeopardize peace and harmony, which is detrimental for the academic atmosphere of the NIT”, they added.

National Conference also cautioned elements inimical to peace to keep off the NIT and not try to paint a dark picture of the Valley as the students, both local and outside, have been known to live in harmony. “Skirmishes do happen in educational institutions between young people and the internal administrative mechanism should take care of all these issues amicably”, they added.


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