A KL file Image of Kashmir floods 2014.
A KL file Image of Kashmir floods 2014.

The ambitious Rs 1600 crore (US $ 250 mn) Jhelum-Tawi Flood Recovery project, which was launched by the Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti on Sunday, is aimed at upgrading the infrastructural base in J&K on professional and technical lines, the government sources said.

Basically, a loan from the World Bank that Centre and the State Government share on 90:10 basis, it would complete by June 2020. The loan assistance would not only comprise fund flow from the world body but also expertise to handle such projects and the necessary technological advancements as well. It will also facilitate capacity building and creation of livelihood.

Component wise, the $ 250 million project would comprise re-construction and strengthening of critical infrastructure (US$60 million), reconstruction of roads and bridges (US$80 million), restoration of urban flood management infrastructure (US$50 million), strengthening and restoration of livelihoods (US$15 million), strengthening disaster risk management capacity (US$25 million), contingent Emergency Response (US$0 million) and implementation support (US$20 million).

The project was part of the World Bank response to the devastating 2014 that Mufti Mohammad Sayeed government chased. The works to be completed under the project include projects in core sectors like roads, bridges, hospitals and other infrastructure projects. A key factor of the project is that the sectoral and geographical equities have been adequately ensured.

The works to be completed under the project would be disaster resistant and in tune with strict expert guidelines.

The primary beneficiaries would be the communities in the State that were affected by loss of public service infrastructure. By strengthening disaster risk management systems and institutions, the project will benefit the entire State.


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