Development of JK receives setback due to endless Governor’s rule: G A MIR


The J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) president G A Mir on Thursday said that the developmental scenario in Jammu and Kashmir State has received setbacks due to the endless Governor’s rule imposed in the State.

“Mere tall claims about the wellbeing and development of the regions in JK won’t please the people,” Mir said.

In a statement Mir said People of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh were the worst hit due to the unwanted Governor’s rule shoved upon them by the BJP Govt at Centre, as a result, the State has suffered immensely on every count.

Mir expressed serious concern over the lack of development in the State and said Governor Rule was not able to reach out to people to address their concerns, although tall claims with regard resolution of issues concerning people were being made, from time to time, but the  reality is the development of State and people has suffered to the largest extent.

“The people in all the three regions of the State have realized that BJP Govt at Centre seems more comfortable with Governor Rule rather the Elected Govt in JK,” Mir said.

He said JK is the victim of misrule by the Centre Govt which shoved the Governor’s rule on the people by not taking care of multiple issues concerning people as well the State.

He said Congress Party is  a  HOPE for the people in the Country and JK, it will continue to fight for the development and wellbeing of the people, Mir added and urged upon the Party cadres to remain steadfast to serve the people, as that the people have been facing ugliest situation due to the Governor’s rule.

Mir also emphasized the workers get connected with the people at the grassroots level and fight for their rights.


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