Due to incessant rains since last few days, there is a possibility of an increase in respiratory tract infection and water-borne diseases, DHSK issued a statement.

The statement mentions that the people are advised to take following precautions to reduce the impact of weather/rains on health of general public and thus help prevent any outbreaks:

Keep your children warm.

Drink boiled water to prevent Diarrhoea, Typhoid, Dysentery and viral Hepatitis A.

Water should be brought to a rolling boil (5 minutes) before consumption.

Wash your hands properly with soap and water before eating meals and after going to toilet.

Avoid defecation and urination in open spaces to prevent contamination of water sources.

Cook your food properly and avoid consuming raw vegetables.

There is an increased risk of Dermatitis, Conjunctivitis, ear/nose/throat infection through direct contact with contaminated water. Therefore, avoid contact with polluted water and wear protective clothes and rubber shoes while going out in water.


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